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Send an email to support@goldwebz.com. Feel free to visit the Customer Service Centre to check on your support tickets and more.

GoldWebz Solutions F.A.Q.

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You bet! We are here for all your support needs. We even try to help out with just about anything you can throw at us – even if it not a service we provide.
We take care of everything. WordPress or any other system you use. We got you covered.
We provide various levels of backup services ranging from free to paid. Speak with a representative for more information.
Most services are provided for the duration of one year. Some services or parts of services may not be for a whole year. We are very flexible and create the best solution to fit your needs.
We can help with migration from your old host. Depending on your plan, this may come as a free service or a paid add-on.
We do not sell domains. We provide a service to purchase and manage domains for our clients if needed.
Most hosting packages come with basic email services. Advanced email is available at an additional cost.
All our websites have a responsive design that adjusts to the device used to visit your pages. Mobile websites are available as an option for unique experiences as well!
Most packages do not limit how many visitors you can have. Check with a representative if you need more information.
Great question! We work hard to make sure your site is super-fast. There are many elements that affect speed. Depending on your site content, it may be a little slower or a little faster. We make sure it meets industry standards with additional services to improve speed even further.

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